Friday, December 16, 2011

New Trails

“Trail Notes” is a creative response to the current recreational use of the Wissahickon park and its correspondence to the legend of "Ma' Rinker’s Rock” (located in the Wissahickon Valley). During the American Revolution Molly Rinker knit atop a rock in the Wissahickon, often dropping balls of yarn containing vital coded messages for the Revolutionary troops who would then run through the valley retrieving the communiqu├ęs. By hand-knitting his own containers and exploring the park through running, Zeske seeks to reconnect this exciting moment in the history of the Wissahickon to the experience of running the park today.

Trail Notes
Yarn, wood
7'x 7'x 6'

Tent for Ma Rinker
Tent, yarn, cardboard
7'x 7'x 5'2"

WIssahickon Jog